Please note: As of May 2015 I am no longer taking on new clients. Supervision will still be available.

What is Counselling & Psychotherapy?

Counselling & Psychotherapy provides a confidential and safe space to talk through with a trained and qualified practitioner, issues in our lives which we find difficult to work through on our own and which they feel unable to share with others. This may include depression, low self esteem, abuse, life changing decisions, relationships, eating difficulties, anxiety, trauma, etc. Counselling & Psychotherapy can often be confusing terms and you may not know what you feel would help you.   Counselling often focuses on issues which effect the here and now, so may be a relatively short term process.  Psychotherapy focuses more on exploring the past which can help inform why we are effected in the way we are in the present.  It helps us understand  the effects our past has on our present thoughts, behaviours and feelings and thus, we can make choices to change those things about ourselves which we find not helpful at a deeper level.  Therefore psychotherapy is usually a longer process.  However, sometimes clients may come along for counselling and realise that their issues have a deeper root, therefore move into a psychotherapeutic relationship. 

What Does Integrative/Relationship Model Mean?

An integrative relationship model of working is one whereby the relationship of the counsellor and client is key to the therapeutic process.   It is important that you feel a connection to your counsellor/psychotherapist so that you feel safe to be open and trusting.  Integrating elements from other counselling modalities means that I can offer you understanding and techniques from other theories which will fit with your character and your needs.  This may include working with the psychodyamic (exploring unconscious process which may have a root in past experiences), creative therapy (sandtray, stones, drawing etc.)., Inner Child Work (locating the small part of ourselves which often needs “hearing and healing”), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) (exploring negative thought patterns and how they effect our behaviour and our feelings).  Which ever way we decide to work – it will be with your understanding and agreement. 

What next?

if you feel counselling or psychotherapy may help, please contact me either by e-mail or by telephone and we will set up a mutually agreeable time for an initial session so that we can meet and talk through what is happening for you.   This session, which will last for approximately 50 minutes will also be an opportunity for us to meet each other to see whether we feel we can work together. Although you will be required to pay for this session, you are not obliged to continue if you do not wish to. Should you desire to continue, this will be an opportunity for us to agree a regular time and day for further sessions. Usually this is a 50 minute session, once a week on the same day, at the same time. However, this is negotiable if circumstances require. 


Individuals £40 per session 50 minute
Couples £50 per session 60 minute
Counselling Students £-- negotiable  
Medico/Legal/EAP individual clients £45 per session includes reports